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Accelerate Your Data-Driven Investment Process

Build systematic strategies with cleaned, validated data and a robust backtesting engine, all in one place.

Investors with a combined AUM of $5 trillion are enhancing their systematic investment processes with SigTech.


Faster, more reliable backtest results

Streamline your research process with SigTech’s event-driven backtesting engine. Customize 300+ pre-built investment strategies for immediate deployment.



Clean and validated data, ready to use

Access a wide range of operationally-ready data across all liquid asset classes.



Deploy strategies without friction

Seamlessly transition your strategies with a single click from research to production.


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MasterLink Securities

"Adopting the SigTech platform has accelerated our growth plans to hire more quant fund managers and to manage more funds systematically. SigTech is a scalable solution and instrumental in supporting our growth as a business."

Clark Hsu, Senior Portfolio Manager, MasterLink

North Asset Management

"The quality of SigTech’s proposition and the team’s deep knowledge of quantitative investing has enabled us to develop, test and launch new strategies faster and more efficiently. In addition, SigTech gives us the ability to rapidly onboard new datasets."

Michael Carras, Head of Research and Development, North

Truepenny Capital Management

“The platform was extremely easy to use and I had the entire toolkit at my fingertips from data, backtesting to production. Algo allocation is complex but SigTech made it intuitive to build the strategies, even for our most ambitious ideas. SigTech has exactly what we need to help launch our funds and is a reliable and trustworthy partner along the way."

Thomas Orbert, CIO

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