Improving Data Ingestion to Accelerate Backtesting

Improving Data Ingestion to Accelerate Backtesting

7 July 2021

The process to seamlessly ingest data from discovery through backtesting can be laborious and complex.

Watch as SigTech and Crux, the managed data hub and data engineering service, break down the journey from dataset identification to signal detection with live demos to show how we simplify the process.

In our webinar we demonstrate:

  • How to bring the data supply chain to life; gain a clear understanding of the steps required to efficiently get analytics-ready data
  • How to better understand the ingestion process for a dataset from Crux to be delivered into the SigTech platform including validation, quality checks and transformations
  • Ending with a demo from SigTech on how to create a basic signal and backtest with data prepared by Crux

Webinar recording


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