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SigTech expands reach to asset owners

21 May 2021

The asset management industry is rapidly changing and undergoing a digital transformation. New tech platforms, such as SigTech will give pension funds, insurance companies and large family offices greater control over how their assets are managed by digitising many aspects of the investment process.

Today, SigTech announces its expansion plans into the asset owner market, by welcoming Daniel Leveau. Previously, Daniel held numerous CEO and chairman roles at asset managers and was a Partner at a Swiss Private Bank. Over the last two decades Daniel has accumulated extensive experience in systematic investing and indexing. He is published frequently in academic and practitioner journals and regularly presents at investment conferences.

Daniel Leveau Head of Investor Solutions
Daniel Leveau, SigTech

“I am looking forward to introducing SigTech’s quant trading platform and how it solves the growing demand to develop, customize and implement investment strategies in-house,” said Daniel Leveau. “One area I’m particularly excited about is custom indexing. Here investors can implement bespoke ESG policies, be active owners and drive cost efficiencies.”

Bin Ren, founder and CEO of SigTech added: “We are thrilled that Daniel has joined the team. He has worked alongside asset owners globally for over 20 years, developing and managing investment strategies across asset classes.

“After gaining strong traction in the hedge fund market, we have identified many benefits that our quant platform offers to asset owners as well, and we see Daniel as a perfect fit for this strategic initiative.”

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