Free backtesting & data for students

Free backtesting & data for students

8 November 2021
Platform access

SigTech offers free access to a pared-down version of our platform to all students!

You will have access to our best-in-class backtesting engine and end-of-day data packages including:

  • Listed Futures
  • ETFs
  • Index Futures
  • FX futures
  • Interest Rate Fixings
  • North American Single Stocks & Fundamentals
  • Hourly FX
SigTech Platform

In return for free access to our platform, we’re asking participants to:

  • Onboard via a recorded Zoom meeting with a SigTech researcher.
  • Tell us in a couple of sentences per day, of your experiences with the platform.

Your feedback will give us valuable insight on our current user experience. Your data will never be shared with third parties and you can request for all records to be deleted at any time.

Email for more information