Free backtesting & data for students

Free backtesting & data for students

8 November 2021
Platform access

SigTech is now offering free access to its quant platform for students!

You’ll have access to our best-in-class backtesting engine and end-of-day data packages including:

  • North America Stocks & Fundamentals
  • Equity Indices
  • ETFs
  • Futures across all asset classes (Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities and FX)
  • Macroeconomic indicators
SigTech Platform

In return for free access to our platform, we’re asking participants to provide feedback. This will give us valuable insight into our current user experience.

Once you’ve developed an understanding of the platform, you’ll have the option to undertake a small project and be awarded with our “SigTificate”. You can include this accreditation in your social media profiles and CV, demonstrating your understanding of Python-based software, backtesting and quant research to future employers. Certified by SigTech’s COO, the “SigTificate” will attest that you have achieved proficiency in developing quantitative trading strategies.

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