Deploy your trading strategies

Automated Execution

Trade via a simple transition from research to production on the open API architecture of the platform

One-click deployment from research to trading

  • Both research and production environments share the same platform and use the same programming language (Python).
  • Research is done with trading in mind via backtests using real-life trading data.
  • Easy comparison between research and production implementations.

Open API architecture

  • Well-defined APIs to allow customers to plug in proprietary portfolio and risk management systems.
  • Orders are sent via CSV, FTP, API or FIX to 3rd-party systems such as E/O/PMS, TCA and risk, to support pre and post-trade analysis.

Real-time feedback

  • Execution fills including partial fills and failures are fed back to the production environment in real-time to allow auto-correction and order adjustment.
  • Execution fills and TCA results are persisted and accessible in the research environment for alignment with real-life trading.