A single platform for research and live strategy monitoring

Ready to deploy your strategy?

Seamlessly transition your strategies with a single click from research to production.

SigTech Production environment

Open API architecture

Integrate with any OMS / EMS

Plug into any third-party or in house order and execution management systems. Spend less time on complex configuration, and more time building trading strategies.

Production slippage diagram

Feedback loop between trading and research

Minimize slippage, improve performance

Accurately model your transaction costs when backtesting your strategies. When in production, SigTech’s feedback loop updates your assumptions on execution fills, partial fills and failures.

Want to execute faster and with more accuracy?

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One-click deployment of a strategy from research to production with live monitoring.


Promote cross-functional collaboration through our open API architecture, eliminating redundant infrastructure build-out and allowing complex strategies to be deployed seamlessly.


Detailed orders, positions, PnL reports, calculated signals and backtest results.

Go into production with confidence.

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