Asset Managers

Add systematic investment to your product offering.

Whether expanding existing quant infrastructure or developing it from scratch, asset managers face a range of complex data management and system issues. SigTech allows you to efficiently accelerate your data-driven investment process whilst avoiding the complexity and high costs of an in-house build. Asset managers benefit from our market-leading backtesting engine and its clean, validated, operationally-ready data. Focus on what matters most to you; generate alpha for your clients.

Instantly accessible

SigTech's cloud-hosted quant technology platform allows you to immediately research, create and deploy systematic investment strategies and efficiently bring them to market.

Buy, don’t build

Building out your quant infrastructure is time-consuming and complex, requiring significant resources and budget. SigTech’s market-leading platform allows you to innovate whilst avoiding the risks, high costs and complexities of an in-house build.

Reduce infrastructure and data costs

Managing disparate systems and an expanding amount of data can place significant costs on asset managers. Consolidate and streamline your data management and quant infrastructure with SigTech's integrated solutions.

Expand your product offering with SigTech

Faster, more reliable backtesting results

Streamline your research process with SigTech’s next-gen backtesting engine.


Clean and validated data, ready to use

Access a wide range of operationally-ready data across all liquid asset classes.


Deploy strategies without friction

Seamlessly transition your strategies with a single click from research to production.


Discover how leading asset managers benefit from partnering with SigTech to scale their quant tech stack.

Case Studies for Asset Managers

Discover how the hedge fund Himension partnered with SigTech to build out their research and backtesting capabilities. Within two weeks the data and systems necessary for systematic investing were operational.

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