Asset Owners

Seize full control of your portfolio.

Invest in bespoke investment strategies instead of settling for one-size-fits-all investment products offered by external managers. Embracing and leveraging new technological solutions enables you to efficiently create and implement investment strategies tailored to your specific needs. SigTech offers a cost-efficient, market-leading quant infrastructure to help you improve your overall portfolio performance.

Build bespoke investment strategies

Take full ownership of your investment portfolio.Tailor systematic investment strategies to your specific needs using our market-leading quant technologies platform. SigTech helps you beat your cost efficiency targets and improve your investment performance.

Unlock the true value of data

The opportunities presented by data are unlimited but managing it is inherently complex. SigTech provides clean, validated, operationally-ready data across a range of asset classes and financial instruments to meet all your needs.

Leverage external expertise

Expand your internal systematic investing and technical capabilities by partnering with the leading quant infrastructure provider. SigTech builds and maintains the systems whilst providing expert guidance on the customisation of systematic investment strategies.

Reduce your reliance on external asset managers by managing more assets internally with SigTech

Faster, more reliable backest results

Streamline your research process with SigTech’s trustworthy backtesting engine.


Clean and validated data, ready to use

Access a wide range of operationally-ready data across all liquid asset classes.


Deploy strategies without friction

Seamlessly transition your strategies with a single click from research to production.


Discover how leading asset owners benefit from partnering with SigTech to scale their quant set up.

Case Studies for Asset Owners

Learn how SigTech provided one of Australia’s leading superannuation funds with the data and research tools needed to bring previously outsourced investments in-house.

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