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Tailor systematic strategies and take full control of your portfolio

The investment management industry is undergoing tremendous change. On the investment side, indexing and ESG are reshaping investors’ portfolios, whereas digitisation is impacting the industry’s entire value chain. These developments represent a golden opportunity for asset owners to empower their investment processes and enhance long-term investment results.


How custom equity portfolios are disrupting pension funds’ ESG and index investing

Discover how to capitalise from building your own equity portfolios by tailoring your investment strategies to your requirements.

This whitepaper outlines the evolution, opportunities and challenges of indexing and ESG, how investors can capitalise from the ongoing digitisation trend, and examines the role custom equity portfolios play in enabling investors to tailor their investment strategies.

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Empower your investment process

  • Future-proof and full control

    Stay ahead by digitising your investment process with next-gen technology.

  • Streamline your operations

    Better allocate your resources and minimise third-party spend to reduce portfolio costs.

  • Reduce time-to-market

    Immediately deploy our turnkey SaaS solution with no infrastructure build.

  • Access proven investment strategies

    Take advantage of tried and tested building blocks to create and implement new investment strategies.

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SigTech expands reach to asset owners

  • The asset management industry is rapidly changing and undergoing a digital transformation. New tech platforms, such as SigTech will give pension funds, insurance companies and large family offices greater control over how their assets are managed by digitising many aspects of the investment process.

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