Hedge Funds

Streamline processes and reduce your time to market.

When it comes to building and maintaining quant infrastructure, you need a solution that will enable you to efficiently scale your business and quickly onboard new portfolio managers. Outsource your techstack to SigTech, and focus on your key activity: generating alpha for your clients.

Buy, don’t build

Building out a powerful quant infrastructure is time-consuming and complex, requiring significant resources and budget. Go to market with systematic strategies faster with SigTech’s market-leading quant technologies platform.

Streamline your data management

Data management is an onerous and increasingly complex activity that limits your time spent on enhancing investment strategies. Our platform solves this problem by giving you access to clean, validated and operationally-ready data from leading market and alternative data vendors.

Improve oversight across trading desks

Improve oversight and collaboration across your investment teams, while simplifying and accelerating portfolio manager onboarding with SigTech’s Cloud-hosted solution.

Faster, more reliable backtest results

Streamline your research process with SigTech’s next-gen backtesting engine.


Clean and validated data, ready to use

Access a wide range of operationally-ready data across all liquid asset classes.


Deploy strategies without friction

Seamlessly transition your strategies with a single click from research to production.


Discover how leading hedge funds benefit from partnering with SigTech to scale their quant infrastructure.

Case Studies for Hedge Funds

Discover how the hedge fund Himension partnered with SigTech to build out their research and backtesting capabilities. Within two weeks they had all the data and systems necessary for systematic investing.

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