Robust and trustworthy backtesting

Achieve Consistent Results between
Backtesting and Live Trading

SigTech accurately models the entire trade life cycle at instrument level, and accounts for direct and indirect transaction costs in granular detail.
SigTech backtesting environment=

Build new strategies instantly

Access more than 300 customizable, pre-built strategies. So you can test new ideas faster than ever before.

SigTech build new strategies
Backtesting focus on your investment

Focus on your investment ideas, not infrastructure

SigTech’s cloud-hosted research environment enables you to skip the IT build-out and get straight to strategy development.

Accelerate your investment process

If you’re using a combination of Excel spreadsheets, external data sources, Python and open-source web apps for your backtesting, you’re limiting your ability to grow. SigTech supercharges your research so you can deploy, pivot and scale faster.

Backtesting accelerate your investment process


A strategy is treated like a tradeable instrument that can be used within other strategies via object-oriented modelling.


Promote cross-functional collaboration by eliminating redundant code and allowing complex strategies to be constructed iteratively, layer by layer.


The tree structure used in the construction of a strategy allows accurate event-driven trading cost modelling and PnL attribution. Users can attribute risk and returns at any level of the strategy tree and at any chosen building block.

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