Emerging Managers

Accelerate your time to market.

As an emerging manager, your time is extremely valuable. When it comes to building and maintaining quant infrastructure, you need a solution that will enable you to efficiently scale your business. Focus on your key activity: building a strong track record by generating alpha for your clients.

Instantly accessible

With SigTech’s cloud-based quant technologies platform, you can instantly access our next-gen backtesting engine, and a wide range of market and alternative data to build out your systematic strategies.

Scalable infrastructure

The right tech will grow with your fund, without the high upfront costs of building a quant infrastructure from scratch internally. SigTech's quant technologies platform offers an open architecture, and allows you to efficiently scale your research.

Operationally-ready data

Accessing and onboarding the data needed to build and run your investment strategies is costly, time-consuming and requires a specialist skill-set. SigTech provides access to clean and validated data across all major asset classes.

Find out how SigTech scales your quant infrastructure.

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Faster, more reliable backtest results

Streamline your research process with SigTech’s next-gen backtesting engine.


Clean and validated data, ready to use

Access a wide range of operationally-ready data across all liquid asset classes.


Deploy strategies without friction

Seamlessly transition your strategies with a single click from research to production.


Discover how SigTech enables entrepreneurial emerging managers to rapidly grow their businesses.

Case Study for Emerging Managers

Find out how the emerging hedge fund manager Truepenny Capital Management is using SigTech to scale their quant infrastructure and launch the firm’s first systematic funds.

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